Good News!

God created you and loves you! God’s plan for all of us is to live in peace, joy, hope, and love; this has always been God’s plan for all people. Of course today our lives experience many things opposite of peace, joy, hope, and love. We experience suffering, brokenness, troubles, sorrow, heartache, disappointment, hate, failure, betrayal, etc. All our lives are unique. We experience life differently, but none of our lives are perfect. Why? Because of sin. Sin consists of the imperfect actions in our lives. When we lie, steal, disobey our parents, or anything else wrong according to God’s perfect standard, we sin. All of us—every person—has sinned. The result of sin is the brokenness of life. The Bible teaches that sin breaks our relationship with God, harms us, leads to death, and condemns the sinner to hell forever. The Bible tells us the penalty for sin is death. Sin is bad news, and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it.